During nearly a century of operations, Clifford-Jacobs has become one of the world’s leading experts in the die forging of parts for a wide variety of uses–from commercial to industrial to military and mining applications.

Exceptionally skilled in the use of large steel forging hammers, but equally capable with materials of all sizes and uses, our engineers, technicians, and customer service professionals are the leaders in every type of standard and custom die forging technology and application.

Clifford-Jacobs prides itself on maintaining strong business management, regular equipment upgrades and repairs, and continuous investment in the skills and capabilities of each employee. Our wide range of powerful steam-driven forging hammers (from 1,500 to 25,000 pounds), equipped with temperature-controlled furnaces at each forging unit, along with CAD, simulation software, and complete die-sinking capabilities, gives us the capacity and capabilities to match anyone in the industry.

Few teams have been together as long as ours, and our customers know that means they will get ideas, execution, delivery, and service without equal in the industry.