Over 100 Years of Reliable Service!

Whatever your production requirements, Ingersoll Machining has the equipment, experience, and people to deliver quality solutions – from design to finished product.

Ingersoll Machining is a Canadian company that has been manufacturing and selling value-added metal products for over 100 years.

Our 140,000 sq ft manufacturing facility is located in Ingersoll, Ontario, and is operated by our team of 200+ highly qualified employees.  Our expertise in metal processing including Forging, CNC machining, Heat-treat, and post-metal surface treatment is world-class and our workforce is one of North America’s finest.

Our production capacity is flexible which allows us to have a diversified product offering that is adaptable to the needs of our customers and the ever-changing market.

  • ISO9100 Certified
  • Controlled Goods Certified
  • Exceptional Engineering Capability
  • Integrated Cellular Manufacturing Process
  • From Design to Finished Product

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